PSNI is delighted to announce the appointment of Andrew Carten as a part-time volunteer Director of the Trenton program. With deep experience in the Trenton community as the former city planner, Andrew, with help from Trenton teachers and volunteers, is building the PSNI program.

PSNI runs afterschool programs in prioritized Trenton public schools and has crafted its core Play for Fun, Learn for Life curriculum to address the priorities of the Trenton Health Team. These include prevention of substance abuse, noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes and obesity and health literacy as well as to contribute to the School District’s Wellness Plan to advance physical activity in schools.

PSNI is working with the Trenton Division of Recreation to hold programs at its community centers as well as summer park programs throughout the City. In the year ahead PSNI plans to revive the Trenton Youth League which closed some years ago due to the City's financial difficulties. In addition to supporting the development of community soccer activities for all ages, PSNI aims to facilitate the development of Trenton soccer facilities that will further the collaboration and inclusion of the different immigrant and ethnic soccer clubs in the City.