PLAY for FUN, LEARN for LIFE SOCCER South Africa

Organizational changes are taking place in the PFFLFL South Africa while the program in Tembisa continues to create a strong community impact. Four hundred children were registered in late January and a corps of 8 volunteers carry out the program sessions.

PSNI is pleased to announce that Themba Chauke, the PFFLFL Program Director, has recently formed his own company, Rise Above Capital, building on skills that he acquired as he grew up through the PFFLFL program. Though he now oversees other projects outside of PFFLFL activities, Themba continues his dedicated service as Program Director. He is also now leading the PFFLFL Board of Directors and providing financial and other in-kind office support to the organization. Themba’s leadership is bringing Youth Bank to PFFLFL and developing other adjunct community activities that complement and add to its development through sport mission.

The program has a strong relationship with the Reagile School and is providing leadership with Food and Trees for Africa to build a sizable garden at the school site. The aim is to use the garden to teach nutrition, small agricultural skills and provide some fresh produce for the large Reagile School feeding program. Over the longer term PFFLFL aims to build the garden into a social enterprise to also generate revenues for the organization.