2016 Global Peace Games for Children and Youth

The 2016 Report on the GPG has been published. Certificates have been distributed to all organizations that reported on their activities. Click here to read the full 2016 GPG Report.

Over 60 organizations engaged the participation of thousands of children across 5 continents. The special messages from the United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace and from Football for Hope were read in all locations, and all participants had the opportunity to sign the Manifesto for Peace created for UNESCO by Nobel Peace Laureates.

PSNI wants to give special recognition this year to the participation of Right To Play, a long- time partner in the Global Peace Games for Children and Youth. RTP country offices have engaged in the GPG for years. Working closely with PSNI to bring the Games to their programs in 21 countries around the world, Right To Play has facilitated the participation of thousands of children in the GPG over the years.

The GPG are an opportunity for education, social and physical activity as well as fun for entire communities. This was the 16th consecutive year that the GPG were held. PSNI is proud that through its open invitation and cost effective modality with partners like RTP, it helps connect grassroots communities, unites their voices in support of global development goals, and recognizes the important efforts that are made daily by ordinary people to make the world a better place. The GPG effort has always been made possible by these committed partners.